Right Angle Tool Is Right On for Error Proofing


Error proof fastening technology is right on the mark with a new series of CP/CP Techmotive right angle electric screwdrivers.

A small right angle head has been melded to the already streamlined aluminum handle of the SD25 screwdriver to deliver the same torque as its in-line predecessors. The right angle screwdriver comes in 10, 20, 35 and 50 in-lb (160, 320, 500 and 800 in-oz) models, each capable of ISO 5393 Class "A" precision. With its slim 1 -1/8 inch diameter and low weight – just 1.5 lb / 0.68 kg – the right angle SD25 screwdriver can help reduce operator fatigue during fastening repetitions.

Colored lights near the tool collar clearly indicate process acceptance or failure, and also signal when the tool is in reverse mode. The operator can quickly change tool rotation direction and select up to 32 unique fastening parameters via pushbuttons atop the handle.

The CS2700 Controller date stamps each rundown as it captures torque and angle results. The powerful Visual Supervisor (VS) software program easily permits collection and graphing of rundown data, calculation of statistical process control information, and tracking of event, for example, whenever the tool is changed or the process is adjusted.

All models of SD25 screwdriver are used in various industries to ensure precision fastening, collect process data and eliminate assembly errors. Simply put, the SD25 delivers factory proven error proof fastening for light torque applications that are too demanding for traditional DC electric tools.

SD25 electric screwdrivers combine the precision of fully transducerized operation, state-of-the-art intelligent tool technology and factory proven software to provide an error proof fastening solution for light torque assembly.
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