Ring- Lug Terminal Blocks for Current Transformer Applications


Weidmuller’s new Ring-lug terminal block series is ideally suited for use in current transformer and standard wire termination applications for industries such as power generation, utilities and semiconductor manufacturing. The new ring-lug terminal blocks offer a finger-safe design, which eliminates the need for standard or customized dust cover, and the hinged shroud allows easy and safe wiring. Used together, the WTL 6/4 FF (slide link terminal) and the WTD 6/4 FF (standard feed-through) terminal can be configured to create multiple phase testing configurations for current transformer applications. The integrated test socket screw heads allow the user to insert a current meter in series with the circuit without disruption. This prevents the possibility of leaving the current transformer in an open state, which could expose an operator to dangerous voltage levels. Once the meter is securely installed between the screws of the WTL terminal, the operator opens the circuit via the slide link disconnect which allows the current to flow through the temporary meter. When done, the slide link disconnect is moved back to its closed position and the meter can be safely removed. The new disconnect test terminals feature a combi foot design for TS-32 and TS-35 DIN-rail mounting, and they can accommodate Weidmuller’s WS and DEK markers. They are UL rated for 600V, 30A and 26-10 AWG. Wire connections are made with cable lugs in accordance with DIN 46234 and 46237, and external sockets clamp the cable lug to prevent vibration.
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