Robotic ASRS Order Fulfillment System Literature


Integrated Systems Design - ISD has announced the availability of their new literature on the UltraBot IE robotic automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). The literature provides detailed specifications, including its 1,440 lines per hour transaction rate and 200 lb. per tote capacity, as well as information on the robotic system's features, delivery methods and applications. The UltraBot IE inserter/extractor system is an automated material handling system that stores and retrieves totes from the front of two or three tiered horizontal carousels. The totes are delivered via conveyor to dynamic batch picking work stations integrated with pick to light, bar coding and software technologies. 

These work stations are designed to automatically induct inventory and route completed orders without any operator actions to create a high throughput. This system allows just a few operators to have access to every piece of inventory without any walking and searching. The system is totally goods to operator for labor reducing efficiencies. Small systems can have as much as 10,000 SKUs stored. Replenishment is done automatically between picks to keep the system constantly replenished and ready for picking activities. The literature also reviews the UltraBot IE ASRS standard, off-the-shelf components which offer a lower cost of acquisition and a faster ROI than shuttle, crane and aisle and typical floor robot technologies. Its space saving design can recover up to 85%+ of the floor space required by rack and shelving systems.  

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