Robotic Packaging Automation Cell


Adept Technology introduces Adept ClamPAC. This robotic Packaging Automation Cell gently packs clamshells into cases at high speeds. By designing and standardizing the system as an integrated unit to accomplish a specific task, ClamPAC speeds delivery, integration and overall deployment times and reduces the total cost of ownership while providing the flexibility, dexterity and speed of a world-class robotic solution.     

ClamPAC integrates the high speed USDA-accepted Adept Quattro robot with a motion controller, vision processor, software and touchscreen on a modular stainless steel frame.  Each ClamPAC includes SoftPIC grippers or graspers that Adept custom designs and molds specifically for each customer’s products. Made of soft silicone that conforms to the shape of the clamshell, SoftPIC grippers provide a direct vacuum path to the product, helping the system achieve gentle handling and reliable operation at very high speeds. For lines that package multiple clamshell sizes and/or designs, the SoftPIC grippers can be changed in less than two minutes.   

Featuring the Adept Quattro s650HS, the fastest parallel robot in the world designed specifically for high speed packaging applications, ClamPAC is USDA-accepted for poultry and meat applications with IP-67 arms and platform.   Quattro’s patented four-arm design helps it achieve a large range of motion and handle payloads of up to 6 kg (13.2 lb) with superior accuracy at high speeds while reducing energy use by 23% compared to traditional three-arm parallel robots. With a maximum acceleration of 150 m (492 feet) per second and sustained speed of 10 m (33 feet) per second, a single-cell ClamPAC can case pack more than 200 clamshells per minute. ClamPAC is built on a modular platform, which allows it to be easily deployed on existing lines in a single- or multiple-cell configuration.   Adept designed ClamPAC for ease of deployment and ease of use. Controls and software provide seamless integration of robot, motion controller and sensors or vision with conveyor-tracking capabilities. An intuitive graphical user interface, accessed via a password-protected color touchscreen or remotely via the plant-wide network, allows customers to manage changes in tools and product layouts with simple configuration changes. Pre-programmed settings are stored in ClamPAC’s memory for quick and easy recall during product changeovers. Diagnostics provide real-time operator feedback on machine performance.


  •  packs clamshells into cases
  • SoftPIC grippers or graspers

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