RoboVent Robotic Welding Stations


RoboVent Robotic Welding Stations can be done as either FloorSaver or FlexMount. By dedicating one filtration unit to each weld cell, the RoboVent FloorSaver distributes the job of cleaning the air. This eliminates the possibility of total system failure, and greatly reduces production delays and downtime during routine maintenance. The RoboVent FloorSaver is installed on top of the weld cell, supported by a heavy-duty stand. Costly floor space is saved, allowing 20% - 40% more room for production equipment. The RoboVent FlexMount System allows you to connect multiple robot cells to a single RoboVent unit. The equipment may be mounted on a stand or on the floor, and ducted to each Flexan hood over your robotic stations. The system uses Quick Clamp ducting for easy moves and changes.

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