Schneider Packaging Equipment Company now offers customized versions of the Robox, the ultimate in plug and play robotic palletizing, to increase productivity and save costs even in less than ideal conditions or footprints.
Robox’s plug and play functionality offers flexibility, high throughput, and simple operation. Robox can be designed to  palletize virtually any product, including rigid cases, bags, cartons, or trayed products at up to 30 picks per minute or more, (depending on product)  and requires only air and electricity to operate.
Palletizing from a single infeed, the Robox automatically rotates between two stations, loads pallets and comes preprogrammed to palletize each SKU pallet configuration.  Higher through put can be achieved with an auto pallet dispenser and over/under conveyors which quickly swap out a full pallet for an empty one.

The machine’s small footprint reduces floor space requirements while retaining all the rugged durability that is the hallmark of Schneider equipment.  The Robox offers a user-friendly set-up utilizing a FANUC robotic arm with optimized Human Machine Interface that simplifies changeover and eliminates programming.  A standard ethernet port allows remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Robox is perfect for entry level palletizing or for integrating into a more heavily automated line including discharge systems and automatic guided vehicles.  The plug and play unit is mounted to a single rigid base frame and is easily relocated.  


• End of Arm Tooling (EOAT): Vacuum or mechanical gripper • Maximum rate: 60+ PPM - depending on product size and weight • Construction: Painted Carbon Steel • Safety: Meets ANSI/PMMI B155.1 safety standards • Power: 480 VAC 3 phase 50/60 hertz • Visual Display: One (1) Allen Bradley 600 Color Touchscreen
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