Robust 19-Way Connector


ITT Interconnect Solutions, a leading global
manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects, and cable assemblies, has developed a
new APD (Automotive Product DIN) circular connector. Designated the APD 19-way, the
connector is designed for volume products requiring a technically robust and competitively
priced solution. The circular connector is capable of withstanding harsh and wet-area
environments, making it ideal for commercial vehicles and industrial automation applications.
Fitting within the APD connector range between the 7- and 37-position models, the 19-way
connector features a unique secondary locking mechanism based on patent-pending technology.
Designed for ease-of-use, no special contact removal tools are required to unlock the secondary
locking contact insert while in the field. All that is needed is a screwdriver.
The APD 19-way connector features 19 contacts, with the option of increasing to 27 contacts by
utilizing smaller contact sizes. Conversely, for applications requiring a larger load capacity, pin
count can be reduced by employing higher power contacts up to 50mm2 and 0 AWG wire.
ITT’s Robust 19-Way Connector with Secondary Contact Locking Mechanism, Pg. 2
APD 19-way harsh environment connectors feature a plastic circular housing with visual and
audible feedback for confirmed correct mating, simple contact locking and unlocking, and
additional secondary locking at the plug and receptacle.
The connector can be specified as a bulkhead connector with two ranges of wall thickness. ITT
also produces one of the only flange versions of the 19-way connector available on the market.
Plug and jam nut versions are also available, along with endbell adapters and accessories. The
APD connectors conform to IP69K standards and meet DIN 72585 specifications.


• Maximum Voltage: 12-48 VDC • Maximum Current: 12A@ 85° C; 105°C short time at 1.5mm2 • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C • Sealing: IP67 to IP69K • Durability: 50 Mating Cycles
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