Robust Incremental Encoders


SICK|STEGMANN’s DFS 60 Incremental Encoders are now available in blind hollow shaft versions.  These blind hollow shaft encoders are designed to significantly reduce the potential for contamination by dust, dirt or water, making them well suited for use in dirty or dusty environments with water washdown cleansing.  

Typical 60mm encoders offer 1024 ppr, up to 8192 ppr.  DFS60 blind hollow shaft encoders deliver from 1 to 65,536 ppr.  They also provide reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -20 up to 100°C.  Most optical encoders are typically rated for use in operating temperatures up to 70°C.  

“Unlike most conventional optical encoders that have a glass or plastic rotating disc, DFS 60 encoders boast a unique nickel code disc that delivers significantly more robust and reliable operation than conventional encoders in heavy duty industrial applications,” says Scott Hewitt, President, SICK STEGMANN, INC.

A radial/axial cable outlet reduces installation depth and allows a single encoder type to be used for various applications.  An integrated stator coupling is housed in spring steel to increase bearing life, allow error free angle measurement, and allow users to adjust the shaft and axial movement of the motor shaft.  They are available with a TTL or HTL interface.  

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