RoHS-Compliant Zero-Backlash Couplings


Zero-Max announces introduction of its next generation of CD® couplings. These newly updated CD couplings feature zero backlash precision and high torsional stiffness required in today’s demanding servo motor applications with high reve rse loads and positioning requirements.
    Manufactured of RoHS* compliant materials containing no banned substances, these newly improved CD couplings are designed with new clamp style hubs for increased torque capacity on shafts without using keyways.
    “CD couplings’ unique disc pack design provides the ideal combination of high torsional stiffness and very high durability,” reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “This is a rare combination. Generally speaking, when a coupling has very high torsional stiffness, it becomes brittle and cannot hold up in very dynamic servo systems. In contrast, the CD coupling is both torsionally stiff and very durable.”
    CD couplings handle system speeds up to 17,000+ RPM and have torque ratings up to 10,666 Nm (94,400 in-lbs). System designers can select from a large size range and from combinations of inch and metric hub bore sizes to meet exacting servo drive requirements.
    This next generation of CD couplings are ideal for use in most high precision applications including packaging machines, pick and place systems, printing machinery, mac hine tools and most systems using servo motors.
    Zero-Max provides a new FREE 24-page CD coupling brochure with complete ordering information and a new CD ROM with Sizing and Selection software included. The CD ROM giv es the system designer the CD coupling catalog in PDF format plus the comprehensive Sizing and Selection software and 3D CAD drawings for all of the couplings.

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