Roll Feed system


Roll Feed system is a new ready-made motion control solution for roll feed applications. The system contains all of the pre-defined, user-activated functions needed for specific applications such as roll feed and a flying cut off. All the user must do is set the length, speed and quantity parameters. IndraMotion for Metal Forming is available in three versions which use open interface technology for discrete I/O, and standard fieldbus protocols (Profibus, DeviceNet), and is built on an IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC running in the IndraDrive. The IndraMotion RFS roll feed standard version is a fully-assembled, single-axis solution for standard applications requiring no programming. It consists of the IndraDrive Basic controller hardware and the company’s VCP08 HMI. The IndraMotion RFE version, which also comes with the VCP08 HMI, uses the IndraDrive Advanced controller instead to provide additional features such as higher stroke rates, PLS’s and gags and pass-through mode. With the Roll Feed User Created version, the uniform IEC61131-3 IndraControl L PLC in the IndraDrive allows the user to do their own programming to integrate custom Roll Feed solutions. All versions allow users to take full advantage of the technology functions offered by Rexroth’s IndraDrive intelligent digital drives, including Safety on Board functionality. The safety functions, which are certified to EN-954-1 Category 3, include safe hold and safe motion. These functions significantly decrease downtime caused by manual intervention when setting up the machine or clearing problems. In addition, Rexroth IndraLogic offers significant potential for further increases in productivity, with cycle times as low as 30 µs. The company also offers a wide range of high-performance servo and spindle motors, linear and housed or kit torque motors for roll feed applications. The motors deliver very high stiffness and maximum torque/force in a very compact design with minimum torque/force ripple.
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