Rolled Steel Motors


WEG Electric Corp. has introduced its new line of rolled steel motors which have been newly designed and rated from .25 to 25 HP. The new motors come in both high efficiency (EPAct) and NEMA Premium® models and are available in frame sizes NEMA 56 to 254/6T. All motors in this new line can be specified as foot mount, C-face or footless configuration with TEFC and ODP enclosure as standard and TEAO and TENV as options. The new rolled steel motor line has a completely new ventilation system for improved thermal performance and longer service life. New robust features include, a new foot design as well as new and more robust frame eyebolts. 

On frames 182/4T and up, there is a single eyebolt and on frames 213/5T and 254/6T a second eyebolt is located on the non-drive end allowing vertical lifting. New electrical benefits include compatibility for VFD operation along with an oversized diagonally split aluminum terminal box which exceeds IP55 requirements. The terminal box also rotates, in 90 degree increments, for more flexibility during installation. Additional features include, color coded leads for faster wiring and an option for internal AEGIS® SGR.  

The new WEG rolled steel motor can perform well in severe environments since the entire line is designed with IP55 protection, 500 hour salt spray resistant paint and bearing caps on flanged models. Optional features available include IP56 ingress protection, F-2 and F-3 mounts, double sealed ball bearings and re-greasable bearings on frame sizes 182/4T and 213/5T. For added thermal protection, thermostats and thermistors are also available.


  • rated from .25 to 25 HP
  • frame sizes NEMA 56 to 254/6T