Roller Bearing Units


New SKF ConCentra SYAF roller bearing units introduce ready-to-mount and highly reliable solutions for conveyors exposed to harsh operating conditions.  An innovative and unique concentric mounting system properly and securely grips the circumference of a rotating shaft to virtually eliminate potential fretting corrosion, minimize risks of imbalance-initiated vibration, and promote optimized function and trouble-free performance, contributing to longer service life.  They ideally suit operations ranging from mines, quarries, and cement plants to power plants and steel mills, among others. These “shaft ready” one-piece assembled units integrate pre-lubricated SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings offering high load-carrying capacity, long life, and high-quality performance.  

A robust seal and flinger create a double-barrier to protect against ingress of contaminants, enhance grease retention, and minimize maintenance.  A rugged housing easily accepts heavy loads and reinforces durability in service. The bearing units mount and dismount to the shaft quickly from the same side using only a torque wrench reducing axial space requirements.  Once the bearing unit is correctly positioned on the shaft, angled set screws are tightened to axially displace the precision-engineered and matched stepped inner ring and sleeve, compressing the inner sleeve to grip the shaft evenly around the entire shaft circumference for a true concentric, tight fit.  Up to 1.5 degrees of shaft misalignment can be accommodated without diminishing seal effectiveness. Shaft diameters range from 3 7/16 in. to 4 15/16 in. and the units can accept commercial grade or re-usable shafting without necessitating specially machined and costly ground or polished shafts.  Housings are interchangeable to industry bolt-pattern standards.  Custom products can be developed.


  • concentric mounting system
  • robust seal and flinger
  • shaft diameters range from 3 7/16 in. to 4 15/16 in

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