ROMER Absolute Arm


Hexagon Metrology introduces a new generation of ROMER portable 3D measuring arms to the market. The ROMER Absolute Arm is the most accurate ROMER CMM ever manufactured. It is also the first measuring arm to have absolute encoders, a development that will greatly simplify the inspection process.This technology avoids the earlier need with all measuring arms to initialize the encoders – now the user can simply switch the machine on and start measuring.
The ROMER Absolute Arm is especially notable for its low weight and systematic, ergonomic design. Additional grip positions and a perfectly balanced main tube ensure the operator can work productively without fatigue during the inspection. “With its WiFi capability and high-capacity rechargeable batteries, the ROMER Absolute Arm can operate wirelessly. Our customers can select from two levels of precision and seven arm-lengths between 1.5 and 4.5 m”, explains Pirmin Bitzi, Hexagon Metrology product manager for portable measuring arms. The ROMER Absolute Arm is immediately available. Hexagon Metrology will be presenting the ROMER Absolute Arm for the first time at the CONTROL trade fair in Stuttgart,Germany from May 4 - 7, 2010.
ROMER measuring arms perform 3D inspections of countless industrial parts, in particular in the metal and plastic machining industries.

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