Rosemount E-Series Magnetic Flowmeters


Emerson Process Management has announced the release of the Rosemount E-series magnetic flowmeters that include major advancements in magnetic flowmeter technology. The E-series flowmeters deliver industry leading performance and improved reliability coupled with intelligent diagnostics that help users across a variety of industries take advantage of improved installation, maintenance and process management practices. With improved reference accuracy (± 0.25% ± 1 mm/s standard), the E-series platform provides the most accurate magnetic flowmeter available today. In addition, the installed performance of the E-series is unmatched, providing the most accurate and reliable measurement available. The patented 8714i Calibration Verification™ diagnostic in the E-Series allows users to verify calibration without shutting down the process or requiring complicated external equipment. This diagnostic reduces the time and cost associated with calibration verification procedures, while still providing the necessary documentation required for regulated process streams. Additional diagnostics available with the Rosemount E-Series optimize installed performance and signal stability in even the noisiest applications. The high process noise diagnostic alerts users when variability is caused by process noise and not actual flow variation. This allows for adjustment to a higher coil drive frequency to stabilize the output without additional damping. By taking advantage of the patented high process noise diagnostic and scalable coil drive capability users can improve process control, increase product quality and reduce scrap. The E-Series magnetic flowmeters also provide a diagnostic for grounding and wiring fault detection that dramatically reduces the time and cost traditionally associated with installing magnetic flowmeters. By continually monitoring the noise voltage across the frequency spectrum, this diagnostic can detect and alert operators immediately if meter wiring or grounding needs to be fixed. All diagnostics in the Rosemount E-Series magnetic flowmeters can be accessed through the Local Operator Interface (LOI), the 375 Field Communicator or AMS™Suite: Intelligent Device Manager predictive maintenance software. Rosemount E-series Magnetic Flowmeters are part of Emerson's broad range of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture to improve plant efficiency by 2% and more through delivering asset optimization, process automation, and management execution.


• Accuracy - Up to ±0.15% of volumetric flow rate accuracy over 13:1 flow turndowns, ±0.25% over 40:1 flow turndown • Diagnostic - In Situ Meter Verification, Grounding ⁄ Wiring Fault Detection, High Process Noise Detection, Tunable Empty Pipe Detection, Transmitter Fault Detection, Sensor Fault Detection • Compatibility - All Rosemount manufactured Sensors: 8705, 8711, 8721, 8707; Universal capabilities allow E-Series transmitters to be compatible with AC and DC powered sensors from other manufacturers. • Power Supply - 90-220 V AC, 50-60 Hz or 12-42 V DC • Power Consumption - 10 watts maximum • Enclosure Rating - 8732E: Type 4x, IEC 60529, IP66 ; 8712E: Type 4x, IP66
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