ROTA NCS 3-Jaw Power Chuck


When facing quality demands that are constantly increasing in today’s machining industry, the ROTA NCS is a forward looking development that ensures the user a maximum degree of security in investment. The ROTA NCS sealed 3-jaw power chuck from SCHUNK combines high clamping force with maximum precision affording sound workholding for the most difficult of applications.

With an active pull-down effect that creates a 2-plane holding technique, achievable axial run-out accuracy is less than 0.01 mm!

At the same time, the integrated permanent lubrication ensures a constant jaw clamping force, hence a permanently high level of efficiency. Hermetically sealed against the finest dust and coolant, the ROTA NCS is largely maintenance-free. All functional parts are also hardened and ground; which ensures a long tool life. With its low height, the chuck also ensures that there is sufficient space in the machine envelope.

The ROTA NCS 3-jaw power chuck is available in sizes 165, 210, 250, 315, 400 and 500.

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