ROTA THW plus – The Difference Between Productive And Being Idle


SCHUNK introduces new design features that expand the application flexibility of the THW-plus quick-jaw-change lathe chuck, by improving productivity and enhancing operational safety. The original THW lathe chucks have been the industry standard for set-up time reduction through quick jaw change for decades.

To meet the ever-changing demands of today’s turning machines, the THW-plus was designed with a larger through hole, improved grease retention and better sealing against particle and coolant intrusion. Another new feature includes jaw installation safety which is supported by an internal interlock that prevents the removal of the chuck wrench when the quick-change jaw is not properly installed. After proper installation, the chuck wrench is automatically ejected from the chuck body. Further, the chuck’s center sleeve is removable from the front and available in many configurations including through-hole, closed, adjustable coolant, adjustable stop and part ejector.

The THW-plus maintains all of the high quality features that made the original THW the most widely accepted quick-jaw change lathe chuck where jaws are exchanged in less than 1 minute. Gripping forces are still maintained up to 6000 RPM with the proven wedge bar actuation system.

With the new THW plus, turning machines now handle larger parts and require less maintenance. Setup costs are optimized with the quick jaw change, and further by the ability to change the center sleeve to cover a wider application range. The safety interlock even insures proper jaw installation for unsurpassed safety.


• Max. actuating force [kN] : 133.0 • Max. clamping force [kN] : 240.0 • Max. RPM [min-1] : 1700 • Stroke/Jaw [mm] : 9.8 • Piston stroke (H) [mm] : 34.0 • Tooth pitch [mm] : 7.0 • Moment of inertia [kgm2] : 20.17 • Weight [kg] : 382.0

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