Rotacheck Tank Cleaner


A highly innovative machine designed to assist the validation process of cleaning process tanks, the Alfa Laval Rotacheck is 3-A 74-05 and EHEDG compliant and stores time and pressure data, automatically calculating the cleaning process’s feedback. A light indication is integrated into the field housing offering this visual feedback to operators and maintenance staff on site. Proven to provide accurate and validated feedback, the Alfa Laval Rotacheck is the perfect solution for verifying your tank cleaner is working at maximum capacity. Ideal for a variety of industries, including: -Pharmaceutical and personal care: The Rotacheck’s sensor can be part of the validated process. The Rotacheck enables companies to have the added assurance that a batch will not be lost due to improper cleaning. -Dairy, Food, and Beverage: The Rotacheck is 3-A 74-05 and EHEDG compliant. -Brewing: Enables breweries to know their tanks are being cleaned without having to go into them.


  • stores time and pressure data
  • light indication 
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