Rotary Hose/Cable Junction Supplies Air, Fluid, Electrical Signals


When a robot has to perform rotary movements, SCHUNK's DVS rotary distributor is the ideal solution for supplying tools, gripper modules or linear units with air, fluid or electrical signals.

Media is transferred and electronics are supplied via flexible hoses and cables, which are routed through the interior of the rotary distributor. The basic design of the DVS allows numerous possible variations with regard to the dimensions and number of hoses and cables leading to the tool because this number is limited only by the maximum outside diameter of the distributor and the maximum load of the robot. The completely new design prevents the hoses and power cables from suffering damage and leakage, and considerably minimizes maintenance costs. In this way, the DVS drastically reduces the number and duration of malfunctions and increases the system's productivity.

The DVS features an interface to ISO standard 9409 with a graduated circle diameter of 80 or 100 millimeters, for direct attachment to the robot. Several parallel ducts can be used to convey the same medium to the tool, in order to increase performance and production speed. The function check, assembly, and disassembly are uncomplicated and can be carried out in just a few minutes.


• 2 sizes from 080 to 100 • For reversible movements • 4 channels for transferring pneum • Electric feed-through for 6 signal • Easy assembly via ISO flange

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