Guyson Corporation has upgraded its Orbit 800

rotary table parts washer to incorporate expanded cleaning process capabilities and a

convenient touch-screen control panel.

The Orbit 800 washer has a standard 750-pound-capacity stainless steel wire mesh basket

that is 5 inches deep and 31.5 inches in diameter at a loading height of 31 inches.

Surrounding the gearmotor-driven rotary table on three sides are spray bars, each with an

array of V-spray jets to ensure strong impingement of cleaning solution on the top, bottom

and sides of components loaded in the slowly revolving basket.

A thermostat-controlled 12 KW electric immersion heater maintains the aqueous cleaning

solution at the desired temperature up to a maximum of approximately 180 degrees

Fahrenheit (80° C). The standard 2 HP vertical seal-less pump delivers up to 50 gallons of

solution per minute at a line pressure of 40 PSI. Single or dual in-line cartridge or bag-type

filters remove particulates from the recirculating wash solution before it enters the spray bars.

Solid contaminants such as chips and debris are removed from the fluid as it returns to the

wash tank by a strainer basket located below the process chamber.

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When an individual customer's cleaning requirements include rinsing, pneumatically operated

valves are installed to block the return of liquid to the wash tank and allow rinse water to be

diverted to drain, to a heated recirculated rinse tank or to a centralized water recycling

system. After a brief draining period at the end of the wash cycle, which may be promoted

by air blow-off, the diverter valves are actuated and the timed spray rinse cycle starts. Drying

of components at the end of the cycle can be accelerated by air knife delivery of compressed

air at ambient temperature, turbo-blown air or heated air, as the table continues to rotate.

A compact touch-screen panel replaces numerous separate buttons, dials and lights with a

streamlined and simplified interface. Numeric data such as solution temperature or remaining

cycle time, as well as text information and prompts are graphically shown in a logically organized hierarchy of customized display screens.

The overall footprint of the parts washer is 54 inches wide by 66 inches deep (137 x 168 cm).

Opening and closing of the double-skinned and insulated stainless steel clamshell hood of

the Orbit 800 is assisted by gas springs. A safety interlock on the cover of the process

chamber prevents operation of the solution pump unless the hood is fully closed and

instantly stops pumping if someone attempts to open the cover during the spray wash cycle.

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