Cherry's new AN9 series dual-output rotary position sensor is electrically and physically non-contacting, making it ideal for applications where high reliability and uncertain physical tolerances are involved. Its dual output design offers an additional dimension of reliability, allowing a connected controller to diagnose potential problems in the sensing system. The sensor output is programmable, but it is available in standard output ranges from 0-45 degrees to 0-360 degrees. Its non-contacting nature means that unlimited rotations are possible. Designed for automotive and off-road environments, the sensor is also sealed to IP68 for resistance to water immersion. The AN9 eliminates the most common cause of rotary position sensor performance problems by removing the mechanical interface between rotating shaft and sensor. In Cherry's unique design, a rotating member mates to a separate magnetic actuator. This means that mis-alignment or changes in the shaft position will not physically impact the sensor. While potentiometric sensors may suffer from wear or dither and traditional non-contacting sensors may experience binding or jamming, the Cherry AN9 sensor is vulnerable to none of these potential failure modes. The Hall-effect-based AN9 offers a 5vdc ratiometric output. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including: steering wheel position sensor, shift-by-wire sensor, variable valve timing position sensor, and pedal position sensor for braking and acceleration.


• Electrical Sensing Range: 0 to 360 degrees of rotation Input Voltage: 5.0 VDC ± 10% Output Voltage: • 0.5 to 4.5 VDC (ratiometric) • Output Accuracy (with AS500106 magnet): • ± 2.5% Full Scale • Output Smoothness (with AS500106 magnet): • ± 0.5% Full Scale for any 2% interval • Output Linearity (with AS500106 magnet): • ± 2.0% Full Scale • Maximum Overvoltage: 20 VDC Maximum Reverse Voltage: -10 VDC Maximum Output Current: 8mA Minimum Output Current: -8mA Resolution: Analog Electrostatic Discharge: • SAE J1113-13; ± 8kV • Immunity to Radiated Electronic Magnetic Fields: • SAE J1113-4; 1 MHz to 400 MHz • Conducted Transient Emissions: • SAE J1113-42; ± 25V • Analog Output Slew Rate: • 200 V/ms • Operating Temperature: • -40 to 125°C (150°C max option) • Mechanical Mechanical Travel: 0 to 360 degrees (no stops) Dither: No mechanical contact Termination: 6 x 315mm 20AWG lead wires Maximum Air Gap: 5mm Maximum Center-to-Center Offset: 2mm (magnet to sensor)
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