Rotating Information Kiosk


Creform Corporation has introduced a new mobile, four-sided, rotating information kiosk designed to share information such as business metrics, HR postings, safety info, quality documents, ISO procedures or Kanban inventory control information.  The flexible communications centers are built to withstand the rigors of plant floor environments yet their appearance fits aesthetically with most office decors.  

Creform kiosks are designed and built using the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints, which offer the flexibility to be customized to meet multiple needs.  For example, unlike similar units ordered from catalogs, this kiosk has 32″ H X 14″ W panels that can be easily modified to different sizes.  The panels can also be swapped out should needs change with different materials such as metal sheets, corkboard, whiteboard, even Kanban slots.  A panel can also be hinged to access interior storage shelves should this feature be required. The top structure is bearing supported and rotates independently of the base. This bearing features detents allowing it to lock in each of four positions.  The kiosk’s base is supported by four swivel, locking casters that mobilize it for easy positioning.  Casters can be swapped for feet if a more stationary structure is desired. Creform supplies these kiosks as complete units and works closely with customers to build them to order as to size, type of panels and pipe color.  They are shipped fully assembled from Creform’s assembly facility.  


  • plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints
  • easily modified to different sizes
  • 32″ H X 14″ W panels
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