Round & Diamond Locating Pins


FEATURES: Precision locating pins with a large shoulder to resist downward forces. Tapered tip for easy part loading. The type shown here, with a slip-fit shank and lockscrew slot, is designed for renewable installation (also available in a press-fit type for permanent installation). Round Pins and Diamond Pins are often used together to locate from two holes in a workpiece. Diamond pins are relieved, to locate only in 1 axis. Round Pins are also useful as side locators. Head and shank diameters are concentric to within .0005" TIR. Made in USA.


LOCATING PRINCIPLES: When a Round Pin and Diamond Pin are used together, the Round Pin is the primary, 2-axis locator, while the Diamond Pin is the secondary, 1-axis locator. Diamond Pins are relieved to locate only radially around the Round Pin, avoiding redundant location. This prevents binding while loading and unloading the part, yet still maintains high accuracy.

SIZES: Four standard shank diameters, available in a wide selection of head diameters in 1/32" increments from 1/8 to 1" (2mm increments from 6-20mm in metric). Each nominal size is available in either tight fit or medium fit — see Dimensions page for part numbers.

ACCESSORIES: Order Lockscrews and liner bushings separately. See dimension tables for proper sizes.

SPECIALS: Pins with a special head diameter (A dimension) are quickly made to order in any of the four standard shank diameters.

 5   5/16" shank
 8   1/2" shank
 12   3/4" shank
 16   1" shank

Example: For a round pin with a 1/2" shank and A = .4000", specify part number as CL-8-RLT-.4000. Head diameters are limited to the following ranges:

 5   .1150-.3180
 8   .2780-.5040
 12   .4640-.7540
 16   .7140-1.0040

MATERIAL: 1144 steel, heat treated Rc 50-55, black oxide finish.

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