RTD Temperature-Indicating Device


Wahl Instruments, Inc. is proud to announce the Wahl® DST600 RTD Thermometer System for use in Food Canning Retorts, Dairy, USDA, Pharmaceutical and other temperature critical applications. The Wahl DST600 is designed specifically to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Proposed Rule change to 21 CFR Part 113, which allows replacement of mercury-in-glass thermometers with other technologies. The patent pending Wahl DST600 complies with all aspects of this revision dated March 14, 2007 "ensuring accuracy during processing". It also meets current USDA 9CFR318.300 for canned meat and 9CFR381.300 for canned poultry products.
The Wahl DST600 uses a dependable, high stability, thin-film platinum RTD sensor along with patent pending self-testing circuitry which continuously verifies the electronics to ensure accurate readings. Probe Authorization, an exclusive safety feature, verifies that only the authorized probe is connected to the meter. Another key feature allows the user to “match” the meter and the probe to each other, by utilizing a programmable RØ calibration coefficient for increased accuracy. Together, these features guarantee an accurate and secure system. Total system accuracy is ±0.3°F (±0.2°C) over a 1-year period. Temperature range is -50° to 500°F (-45.5° to 260°C).
The Wahl DST600 is the most accurate and reliable thermometer system on the market today. It has a field replaceable battery with a 2-year life, and provides a trustworthy alternative to mercury-in-glass (MIG) thermometers, with a drop-in direct MIG replacement. It is available with MIG standard tapered bulb chambers, or a variety of probe configurations, including remote probes with rugged IP68 connection system for easy installation and calibration of the entire system. Remote probes have a Quick Disconnect option allowing the user to remove the probe and meter for calibration without removing the permanently installed cable. The device is also available with an Adjustable Angle feature which can position the display to the best reading angle, or special configurations can be supplied for tight fit installations. Custom built probes are also available.
The Wahl DST600 is shipped standard with NIST Certification to establish your FDA documentation requirement, and carries a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Optional software kits are available for programming and calibration.

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