Rubber Selection Guide CD Helps Designers Choose Correct Polymer


Rubber Industries, Inc. helps part engineers to choose the correct polymer with its new Rubber Selection Guide CD FREE for the asking.
    A great starting point for new design projects, this CD simplifies rubber design criteria and compares features. It contains an easily understood, brief description of the most popular base polymers along with durometer range, useful temperature range, useful properties, typical applications and cost.
    Because there are infinite variations to all base polymers, Rubber Industries’ guide to the selection criteria will help the designer achieve a correct answer quickly. This CD has been prepared drawing on Rubber Industries more than 39 years of knowledge and experience in the industry.
    Where there’s a specific design challenge, this CD can be an invaluable aid. It categorizes polymer performance characteristics for easy evaluation. These include fluid resistance, temperature resistance, hardness, shrinkage, abrasion resistance, elongation, modulus and cost.
    A molding tolerance chart shows typical part sizes, minimum tolerances and possible secondary operations needed for a successful part design.
    For designers needing a custom rubber molder, Rubber Industries provides complete rubber prototype through large volume production using injection, transfer, compression and liquid silicone injection molding processes. The company has complete in-house custom compound formulating and mixing as well as mold building capabilities. When needed, the company also provides experienced engineering assistance for product design and development.
    For the FREE CD, call 952-445-1320.

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