Rugged Ethernet Switches


Rugged industrial Ethernet switches from CyberResearch, Inc. shrug off ambient temperatures from -22°F to +167°F. These DIN-mount switches handle 10Base-T and 100Base-T speeds simultaneously. They accept incoming data at its native speed, store it, and forward it at the native speed of the receiving device. The CyberResearch(r) ESW 205 (with 5 ports) and ESW 208 (8 ports) Ethernet switches are built to continue working in harsh industrial environments. They handle both high and low temperatures with ease, and they accept unregulated DC power from 10 to 30V - ideal for both industrial control systems and vehicular applications. Both models mount to standard DIN rails. They have removable screw terminal strips for easy maintenance of DC power connections. No crossover cables are needed, and ESW series switches automatically match the speeds of 10Base-T and 100Base-T simultaneously. Both switches have LEDs that display network and power status. Both are protected against 8-kV contact ESD and 15-kV air-gap ESD.
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