SAB North America Flexible Control and Automation Cables Full Product Catalog


SAB North America, a leading supplier of flexible high quality cable for robotics and automation, now offers its Flexible Control and Automation Cables Catalog in convenient digital and print formats. The catalog contains complete descriptions, specifications and color photos of SAB's extensive product line, including Flexible Control Cables; Continuous Flex Cables; Torsion Cables; Flexible Specialty Cables; Data Cables; Servo Cables; European Standardized Cables; Silicone Cables; Bus Cables; Halogen-Free Cables; and ETFE, FEP, and PFA Cables. Other sections feature such helpful information as guidelines for installation, color coding, flammability tests, European and American cable stranding, technical documentation, instructions for the safe application of cables, commonly used abbreviations, a cable finder guide, and competitive product line cross references.The entire SAB Flexible Control and Automation Cable Catalog is now available online and also in print. Visit to request a print catalog today.
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