Safely Connect to Operational Equipment with EP-2


For 45 years, Baker Instrument Company has concentrated on manufacturing test equipment for electric windings for the predictive maintenance and motor rewind industries. Our advanced test equipment offers an early indication of motor insulation defects and insulation weaknesses. Baker dedicates a vast amount of resources to engineering in order to develop instrumentation that functions within strict industry standardized guidelines. This gives the user the information critical to keeping their electric motors running in a safe environment. Finding faulty motors prior to failure ensures less unscheduled downtime and saves money.

Baker Instrument Company has developed and is releasing the EP-2. This safe, dynamic monitoring interface is an easily installed low voltage permanent fixture for directly connecting with energized rotating machinery. After installation into a Motor Control Cabinet, this external port allows the operator to collect pertinent data quickly and easily without ever opening the cabinet and being exposed to live components of the MCC. This port directly interfaces with the Baker Instrument Company’s Explorer to obtain information on the machine without interruption of the process or shutting down the motor.

This port takes the operator out of harms way. Arc flash hazards are minimized, due to the operator not coming in contact with any live components. The operator simply hooks to the installed DB25 panel mount connector, acquires the needed data, unhooks from the connector and moves on to the next testing area. After testing the port is purely passive to the operation of the MCC.
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