Safety Footwear Advisor


MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor scans and analyzes individuals’ foot size and arch type, and recommends the best safety footwear and appropriate MEGAComfort insole in less than one minute.


MEGASteps gives distributors and clients key data necessary to grow their business. More importantly, it improves worker health, wellness and employee productivity by providing employees with the best level of footwear and insole support and cushioning.


Using technology to produce innovative ergonomic solutions is not new for MEGAComfort. The company became the leader in personal anti-fatigue insoles, utilizing technologically advanced 100% dual-layer memory foam.


Companies hoping to implement a safety footwear and insole program can now do so with confidence.



  • SCANS the foot in less than one minute
  • ANALYZES the foot size and arch type
  • RECOMMENDS the safety footwear and insoles for each employee to provide the best level of support and cushioning
  • Perfectly suited for retail and end client facilities
  • Easy to use self-sufficient interactive technology
  • Recommends more than MEGAComfort products, suggests safety footwear based on the individual’s foot size and arch type
  • Turnkey solution, it’s easy to set up and there is limited assembly required 
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