Safety Hoist Rings


FEATURES: Forged base rotates 360 degrees while the solid-loop forged ring pivots 180 degrees, to allow lifting from any direction. High-strength shoulder screw furnished. Safety factor = 5:1. Made in USA.


SIZES: Available in two load capacities with USA threads — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

 1000 Lbs 3/8-16
 2500 Lbs 5/8-11

Also available in two load capacities with metric threads:

 1000 Lbs M10
 2500 Lbs M16

INSTALLATION: Fasten using the installation torque specified in the dimension table. Always install so that the hoist ring can pivot and swivel freely.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: See Hoist Ring Safety Precautions at the beginning of this catalog section.

MATERIAL: Base > Forged 1045 steel, black oxide finish. Ring > Forged 4130 steel, heat treated, magnafluxed per ASTM E-1444, black oxide finish. Screw > Alloy steel, heat treated, black oxide finish. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

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