Safety Interlock Switch


Omron Automation and Safety introduces D4SL-N Safety Interlock Switches. Available with 4-, 5- or 6-contacts to satisfy varied application needs, the IP67-rated D4SL-N can be mounted in four different directions without needing to rotate the head. Two wiring methods minimize wiring time and make possible one-touch attachment and removal. Easy to view LED indicators allow users to quickly check switch status from any direction. D4SL-N safety switches deliver a minimum of 1 million operations and boast a minimum key holding force of 1300 N to maximize the range of potential applications that can benefit from a tough, compact safety switch.  “The D4SL-N, featuring a compact body with metal-head as an option, is an ideal solution for many guard-door safety applications ranging from limited space to very demanding industrial environments. 

Combined with a wide variety of mounting methods and available operating keys, and a generous key slot that accommodates the misalignment and instability of real-life door applications, the D4SL-N is a robust and simple-to-install switch that satisfies the demanding safety needs of today’s door access applications,” says Trang Nguyen, Product Specialist, Omron Automation and Safety. D4SL-N switches are available with two types of wiring. Connector-type wiring models feature a connector cable that reduces the potential for mis-wiring, facilitates fast maintenance, and allows easy switch replacement in the event a switch is damaged. Terminal block-type models include a detachable terminal block to significantly increase wiring efficiency. 6-contact versions of the D4SL-N safety switch enable users to independently monitor door open/closed status, as well as solenoid on/off status, from a single switch. An optional slide key prevents workers from becoming trapped inside the hazardous area, without having to use a padlock.


  • 4-, 5- or 6-contacts
  • can be mounted in four different directions
  • simple-to-install

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