Safety Interlock Switches


 STEUTE is pleased to announce the availability of their Series Ex STM295 solenoid-latching, keyed safety interlock switches for use in Ex Zones 1/21 and Zones 2/22. These c CSA us – certified, IEC Ex and ATEX-rated switches feature 2 NO and 2 NC contact s, and are available in power-to-lock and spring-to-lock designs.  

When used in combination with a compatible safety relay module, the system satisfies Performance Level “e” (per EN ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (per EN 61508). With a life expectancy in excess of 500,000 operations, these units are ideal for machine safeguarding in mining, fuel handling, chemical processing, painting, packaging and food processing applications. 


  • for use in Ex Zones 1/21 and Zones 2/22
  • power-to-lock and spring-to-lock designs

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