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OMRON Automation and Safety introduces the STI OS32C-DM Safety Laser Scanner. The latest addition to the award winning family of STI Type 3 safety laser scanners, these are the industry’s first safety laser scanners to report status and measurement data via EtherNet/IP™. This helps keep machines up and running by enabling users to check the operating state and analyze the cause of an emergency stop via LAN, and take quick corrective action, even in large-scale applications with multiple scanners. Same day shipping is available on select models. "These compact safety laser scanners can now be monitored over Ethernet/IP and can provide system status, zone status and measurement data information to most devices using the Ethernet /IP protocol. In addition, the scanner has been conformance tested to the ODVA (Open Devicenet Vendor Association) standard ensuring connectivity and trouble-free operation to other ODVA compliant devices such as PLCs and HMIs," says Matt Dodds, Product Marketing Manager - Safety. "With its data reporting capabilities via Ethernet/IP, information about the state of a scanner can be quickly determined over a network to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime." 

These simple and versatile STI safety laser scanners are available with new user tools that help speed customer development time and conserve engineering resources. Easy to use function blocks are ideal for simple PLC controlled status and data updates. A simple and effective method of integrating the status and measurement data to a PLC, these function blocks can be used in the PLC code to automatically configure the PLC to process and display the information. Software examples are available for large process PC  controcontrolled applications where large amounts of data are logged to determine product quality, consistency or process variations. The updated configuration tool now provides a “maintenance access level” that enables the user to make only non-safety related programming changes and employs a “non-safety checksum” for easier re-commissioning when non-safety changes are made. A new “zone coordinate import/export” function allows users to modify the shape and size of a monitoring zone by importing coordinates from a text file. All STI OS32C safety laser scanners provide configurable object resolutions of 30, 40, 50 and 70 mm to accommodate hand and arm detection applications. They feature a compact 104.5 mm profile, light 1.3 kg weight and consume just 5 W power (3.75 W in standby mode). Combined with innovative features that include up to 70 sets of highly flexible and easily configurable detection zones, the OS32C is easy to handle and install and delivers the versatility needed to solve diverse presence detection and collision avoidance application needs. The status display and eight patented Individual Sector Indicators also enable users to determine at a glance the unit’s operating state and error codes, and assess the direction of an intrusion. 

Some of the most significant benefits of the OS32C family of Omron STI safety laser scanners include: 

  • Faster and easier equipment commissioning and troubleshooting with Patented Individual Sector Indicators
  • Up to 4 times faster MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) than other safety laser scanners, with lower maintenance cost and manufacturing down time cost from equipment damage


  • report status and measurement data via EtherNet/IP
  • easy to use function blocks
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