Safety Light Curtains and Grids


Schmersal is pleased to announce the release of their fully-integrated, multi-functional safety light curtains and grids. This next generation of optical safety sensors meet all North American approvals, including cULus, as well as European Norms EN/IECC 61496-1 and 61496-2 for optical devices. They are also suitable for applications of up to Ple per ISO13849-1 and SIL3 per IEC 62061.  

The SLC/SLG440 series offers fully integrated functions without the use of external programming devices or software which includes fully programmable blanking, integrated contactor monitoring (EDM), start/restart interlock, beam coding, and double acknowledgement reset. Programming of these features are made user-friendly with the use of only a button/enabling switch.  The 7-segment display offers indications which can be used to help with alignment, error diagnostics or simple operational mode statuses. OSSD indications are also displayed via a bright LED status cap. Because of the compact design (profile dimensions 28 x 33 mm) and rugged four sided structure, the SLC/SLG440 can be used in applications with limited space and withstand harsher environments. 


  • fully integrated functions
  • 7-segment display
  • integrated contactor monitoring

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