Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced the release of the newest version of its safety instrumented system (SIS), Honeywell Safety Manager Release 110. Safety Manager is a component of the Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), Honeywell’s process control and automation platform that ties together critical subsystems within a manufacturing facility to give operators a better view of how processes are functioning. For use in all major industrial processing markets – including oil and gas, refining, chemicals and power generation – Safety Manager integrates safety measures that are dispersed throughout a manufacturing facility to reduce risk to employees and plant assets, increase process availability and improve regulatory compliance. The latest version includes new integration capabilities with systems such as process simulation tools and fire and gas detectors, as well as a data exchange and control communication protocol that will allow safety engineers to design and build large integrated and distributed plant-wide safety strategies. Additionally, Safety Manager includes the same high levels of cyber security protection that you find in Experion. “Honeywell submitted its Safety Manager system for cyber-security testing, and the comprehensive tests did not impact the safety functions in any way,” said Eric Byres, founder of BCIT’s Critical Infrastructure Security Research team and currently director of security at Wurldtech Research. “In any processing facility, the key to designing an effective safety strategy that protects people, assets and the surrounding environment is a holistic approach that blends safety systems with process control information,” said Peter Smith, director of solutions marketing for Honeywell Process Solutions. “The latest evolution of Safety Manager further advances those capabilities because it is designed to take advantage of all new key technology developments in the SIS market well into the future.”
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