Sanitary AquaPruf Metal-Free Conveyor Systems


For customers who have existing metal detection units, but not the conveyors to accommodate them, Dorner can now build custom AquaPruf Series sanitary conveyor systems to fit their specific application. This expanded offering of the AquaPruf platform can result in tremendous savings to customers. As applications and production demands change over time, customers often find themselves with obsolete conveyors that now don’t fit their needs. Instead of purchasing an entire new metal-detection/conveyor system, Dorner can design its plastic chain or belt AquaPruf conveyor platforms with metal-free zones to fit existing metal-detection units. Dorner’s AquaPruf platform is engineered to be the most sanitary conveyor system on the market today with no harbor points for food and bacteria to collect. AquaPruf conveyors can be completely disassembled for cleaning, without tools, in less than a minute — a proven time saver for many applications. Additionally, AquaPruf conveyors come in straights or curves, and can be made to virtually any length or width to accommodate a variety of existing metal-detection units. To manufacture an AquaPruf metal-free conveyor system, Dorner removes a portion of its all welded stainless steel frame and uses durable delrin plastic mounting with stainless steel supports. Dorner also provides customers with four rejection-system options to choose from to best meet their application needs, including conveyor stop-on detection; air-blast; pusher reject; and retracting tails. Customers can further customize their AquaPruf metal-free conveyor by adding a lockable rejection bin for discarded product to collect. The controls on AquaPruf metal-free conveyors can be connected to work well with many existing metal-detection units: ? Easy communication with any information management system ? Microprocessors with a full range of capabilities ? Network modules for centralized information ? Availability of real-time line data ? Full feature VFD control ? Waterproof digital display and key pad controls Using Dorner’s AquaPruf sanitary conveyors means less equipment downtime for cleaning and a higher return-on-investment for customers in industries such as bakery/snack foods, confectionery, ready-to-eat foods, raw meat, raw poultry, raw seafood, pharmaceutical and clean rooms.

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