Scalable Motion Control for Electro-Hydraulics


With the new HNC100-3X Motion Control generation, Rexroth extends the range of possible applications for the HNC100 NC family of electro-hydraulic controls. The scalable generation in controller format controls up to four electro-hydraulic axes. Ethernet is used for the first time not only with SERCOS III and PROFINET RT but also via a parameterization interface. IndraWorks and the WinPed operating and parameterization software have both become even more user-friendly thanks to new functionalities and dialogs. In spite of the reduced build space, the new generation features increased computing power and can therefore cover tasks of even greater complexity. The HNC100-3x control electronics has been optimized for the specific physical behavior of the hydraulics by means of high-performance hydraulic controller structures and NC commands especially tailored to the hydraulics. Rexroth thus makes functionality largely independent of drive physics. 

The functionality of the HNC100-3x extends in addition to flexible synchronization for up to four axes, further improved curve functionalities, and expanded diagnostics options. The Motion Control has digital as well as analog encoder interfaces. Up to eleven freely configurable digital inputs / outputs are provided for greater flexibility in automation. In future the HNC100-3X will also offer SERCOS II, SERCOS III and PROFINET RT in addition to the reliable field bus systems PROFIBUS DP and CANopen. It will thus enable parameterization independently of the serial interface in addition to being firmly established in the world of Ethernet-based buses. With the SERCOS drive bus Rexroth is broadening the consistent IndraMotion control concept for interpolating electric and hydraulic axes, which is finely scalable in hardware and software. The modular, innovative IndraWorks engineering environment provides the user with all essential software tools in a uniform look and feel for the commissioning, parameterization and diagnosis of Rexroth electric drives, hydraulic drives and controls. 


  • controls up to four electro-hydraulic axes
  • expanded diagnostics options

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