SCH Series of Flexible and Adaptable Curtain Walls Stand Up to the Toughest Conditions in Industrial, Commercial Facilities


Zoneworks™ introduces the SCH Series of heavy-duty fabric wall systems to address the most demanding conditions when used as a cost-effective and flexible way to create or reconfigure industrial or commercial space. Zoneworks SCH stationary and sliding curtain walls can be can be as interior or exterior walls in virtually any facility, saving time and money when compared with permanent walls or rigid panelized systems. Zoneworks SCH curtain walls are custom-configured to separate functional areas, provide privacy or security, control dust or fumes, attenuate sound, adapt spaces for changing operational needs, or create temporary storage areas. The modular walls are engineered with heavy-duty industrial fabric for facilities that encounter the toughest environmental conditions. The curtains, constructed with 18-ounce fabric, are fire retardant and meet NFPA-701 standards.

Easy to install and maintain, Zoneworks SCH curtain walls offer a low-cost alternative to permanent structures. The walls are custom designed and can be easily mounted to existing ceiling structure. Zoneworks can also develop a custom frame to support the curtain wall. Zoneworks SCH sliding walls feature a galvanized track and hanger configuration that incorporates the use of two-wheel trolleys, which makes opening and closing the wall virtually effortless. The sliding curtains feature galvanized vertical control staffs with 5/8-inch drop pins and floor sockets for added stability.
Zoneworks industry specialists provide on-site design consultation and complete drawings, as well as turnkey project support, including installation coordination.

In addition to the SCH curtain walls, the extensive line of Zoneworks environmental zoning products includes the TZ Series of Insulated Curtain Walls, which is the only temporary fabric wall system to provide up to 40°F (22°C) of temperature separation; SCL curtain walls that allow users to quickly and easily contain dust, create privacy, or alter existing spaces; and the TZD line of flexible fabric wall systems to enclose interior loading dock areas for improved employee comfort and energy savings.

Regardless of application, Zoneworks provides expert turn-key project management through all stages of a job, from needs analysis through installation.

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