SeaBrite™ Rugged Flat Panel Monitors


Reaffirming the company’s position as a leader in the development of robust display solutions for deployment in difficult environments, Computer Dynamics, a GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms company, today announced the SeaBrite™ family of flat panel monitors.  
Resistant to shock and vibration, and designed to fulfill the demanding requirements of the marine industry for reliability with their wide operating temperature range and rugged, anti-corrosion mechanical design to provide optimum operability, SeaBrite monitors are available in a remarkably wide range of nine screen sizes from 8.4 inch through 23.1 inch.  Typical applications include radar / ARPA systems, navigation / ECDIS systems, automatic identification systems (AIS), monitoring / surveillance systems, and yacht / ship automation.
As well as providing multiple screen sizes, the SeaBrite family offers a wide voltage range for power input and can accept RGB, composite video, s-video and DVI signals, as well as deliver PIP, ensuring that almost any marine display requirement can be met.  If this flexibility is not enough, custom designs of SeaBrite monitors can be created.  Optimum viewability of the transflective display in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions is enhanced through the provision of an anti-reflective protective glass and backlight dimming control, while a touch screen interface is provided for ease of operation.
“We believe that the range of screen sizes we offer, together with functionality that is provided as standard – such as a composite signal input – marks the SeaBrite family out as leading the industry,” said Adrian Bernhard, General Manager, Commercial Products and Systems at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms.  “It builds on our expertise in displays that are readable in high ambient light – such as sunlight – and extends still further the range of monitor solutions we can offer for deployment in harsh environments.”
The SeaBrite is sealed to IP65 standards on the front surface.  All SeaBrite monitor designs follow IEC 60945 fourth edition (2002) Maritime Navigation and Radio-communication Equipment and Systems requirements and IACS-E10 for international standards.
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