Sealed Air’s New PackTiger™ Paper Packaging System Reliably Creates Up To 150 Paper Pads Per Minute


SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (Oct. 15, 2007) – Sealed Air introduces the PackTiger™ system, the fastest paper packaging system in the industry. The new PackTiger™ paper packaging system reliably produces up to 150 paper pads per minute and is more compact than traditional paper packaging systems, allowing it to easily fit into any packaging operation.

The PackTiger™ system produces custom-length, pad-like paper cushioning material from rolls of multi-ply kraft paper. These TigerPad™ cushioning materials are ideal for more demanding cushioning and blocking and bracing applications, yet versatile enough to be used for oddly shaped and delicate items using crisscross, coil, wrapping and multi-pack packaging techniques.

With half the weight and footprint of traditional paper packaging systems, the compact design of the PackTiger™ system enables effortless integration into current operations. The system easily adapts to on-demand workstations or high-volume continuous feed environments for multiple packaging stations. Operators also benefit from fast roll changeovers given the system’s easy bottom loading design, which allows for single person threading and does not require the system to be reset during the loading sequence.

The PackTiger™ system features an easy-to-use control panel that can store up to 24 TigerPad™ material configurations for any combination of quantity and length. Operators also can use the easy, one-touch access buttons to produce three commonly used pad configurations already programmed into the system. In manual mode, the operator can produce cushions at the push of a button or foot pedal.

The PackTiger™ paper packaging system provides environmental stewardship throughout the packaging operation. The patented single-motor design of the PackTiger™ system reduces power consumption compared to other paper systems, and the TigerPad™ material is easily recycled or reused.

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• Electrical: 110-120 V ~ Single Phase • 9.1 A 50/60 Hz • 220-240 V ~ Single Phase • 7 A 50 Hz • Weight (without roll): 309 lbs. 140 kg. • Overall Size (L x W x H): 34” x 27” x 59” • .87m x .69m x 1.5m

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