Sealed Oscilloscope


Fluke Corp. introduces the Fluke® 190 Series II 500 MHz ScopeMeter® Test Tool , the first to achieve a 500 MHz at 5 GS/s real time sample rate in a handheld, sealed, rugged oscilloscope, without compromising on safety rating, ruggedness or battery operating time. Now professional electronic troubleshooters have a high-performance scope with the bandwidth and resolution to capture virtually any signal while in the field. 

The two-channel 190-502 model  is the latest in the 190 Series II with bandwidth from 60, 100, 200, — and now 500 — MHz. High-tech electronics in today's medical, communications, navigation and military devices routinely operate at high speeds requiring higher bandwidth. In order to correctly display at least the fifth harmonic component of a signal requires a scope with a bandwidth of at least five times the maximum clock rate of the device under test. The 5 GS/s — or 200 pico seconds — sample rate of the Fluke 190-502 provides greater accuracy and clarity of shape and amplitude of unknown waveform phenomena like transients, induced noise and ringing or reflections. 

The rugged 190 Series II ScopeMeter® test tools include innovative functions like ScopeRecord™, TrendPlot™, advanced triggering and automatic measurements functions you would expect to find in high performance scopes. The 190 Series II safety rating according to IEC 61010 standard is 1000 V CAT III/ 600 V CAT IV making it possible to safely measure from mV to 1000 V.


  • 500 MHz at 5 GS/s real time sample rate
  • advanced triggering
  • automatic measurements

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