Sealed Power Switch for Outdoor Products


Johnson Electric announces a high performance power switch that is designed specifically for outdoor products. The Burgess-TSswitch incorporates an innovative Tough Seal™ technology to deliver the highest reliability in extreme environmental conditions. The Tough Seal technology within the switch provides protection against water submersion, high pressure water and fine dust ingress. The Burgess-TS switch is constructed of materials that resist damage to most household chemicals and petroleum based products. The switch is designed for reliable assembly within final products to ensure that a reliable seal is achieved. 

A unique feature of the switch is a seating anchor in combination with a position indicator to provide visible feedback that the switch has been properly installed. Customization of switch housings for color, rockers and illumination is offered to meet the human interface requirements of a customer’s product. “The Burgess-TS switch is the most reliable power switch for outdoor products,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing. “The unique features of this switch prevent failure modes occurring in the manufacturing process and also during field operation,” he added.


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