Seamless Flat Belts


BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. offers a large variety of seamless ESBAND® flat belts with and without carcass. Customized belts can be designed for individual applications. The newly developed “Hytrel® HT Elastic 40+ Silicone” belt is specifically designed to position and convey PVC cards in card printers, card readers, and card handling devices in general. The “HT Elastic 40+ Silicone” belt offers strong adhesive on the PVC-Cards at the carrying side (silicone layer) and a smooth surface (Hytrel®) at the running side (pulley contact). For tracking reasons, longitudinal belt tracking guides can be implemented. The “Hytrel® HT Elastic 40+ Silicone” belt is made without carcass, offering high elasticity and can be used with fixed shaft centers. Belt length, width and thickness can be made to suit any application requirements.
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