Seamless Polyurea & Geotextile Keeps Spills from Spreading


Chemline announces the availability of its CHEMTHANE 6020, a spray-applied, seamless, elastomeric containment lining that protects geotextile, steel surfaces and it bridges hairline cracks in the concrete containment areas chemical and wastewater plants. This seamless hybrid polyurea lining cures quickly and forms a durable liner for new or retrofit applications.  This information is according to John Henningsen, spokesperson for the manufacturer.

In application such as wastewater plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, fuel depots, amusement park water ride containment areas and water ponds, CHEMTHANE 6020 provides a barrier or protection against corrosion, degradation and leaks. For land-fill applications, CHEMTHANE 6020 can be used as a “cap” for preventing wind erosion and containment.

CHEMTHANE 6020 is a 100% Solids (Zero VOC) elastomeric polyurea membranes which can be used for primary and secondary containment applications. According to the manufacturer, the coating is applied with in a multi-pass to achieve high film builds. Plus the rapid cure time (15-20 seconds @ 75oF/23oC) eliminates down time of existing installations and shortens the start up time of new installations.

The company records continue to document that CHEMTHANE 6020 has tensile strength ranging from 2000psi (13.6Mpa) and a hardness ranging from 85 Shore A (ASTM D 2240). Lastly, the company pointed out the 200% elongation (ASTM D 412, Die C @ 75oF) of the product being ideal for bridging common hairline cracks in concrete substrates.

This product is available in standard black, gray or tan colors in order to blend with its surrounding and it offers a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
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