Seismic® Sealed Eyewear


Sperian Protection, a world reference leader in personal protective equipment (PPE), today announced the launch of a new product under its flagship eyewear brand, Uvex-the Uvex Seismic® Reading Magnifier. Uvex Seismic Sealed Eyewear is recognized for delivering unmatched protection against impact, wind, dust and debris. Now available in magnification strengths of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5, this eyewear is ideal for workers requiring increased magnification for reading, inspection and other fine detail work.

"Uvex Seismic Sealed Eyewear is ideally suited for dirty, high-particulate work environments such as those where grinding, chipping, shaving and sanding occur," said David Iannelli, senior product manager for Uvex® brand products. "Now workers can benefit from magnified lenses to see fine details clearly while enjoying premier eye safety and comfort in today's most demanding work environments."

The Uvex Seismic Reading Magnifier is available in a black frame and clear lenses with UvextraT anti-fog coating that, when combined with top and bottom indirect ventilation, minimizes fogging to keep workers safe and comfortable all day. This eyewear meets the ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard for high impact protection as well as the CSA Z94.3 safety standard. Like all Uvex lenses, the Uvex Seismic Reading Magnifier offers 99.9 percent ultraviolet protection. The Uvex Seismic Reading Magnifier features a wraparound, 8-base, dual-lens design that provides exceptional coverage, while precise placement of the magnifiers allows for distortion-free vision. Soft, flexible nasal pads conform to a variety of facial profiles and minimize slippage. Soft, high-quality face cushioning and padded temple tips deliver all-day comfort. The highly adjustable, flame-resistant headband provides excellent fit. The flexible design can be worn with temples or headband as conditions change, and the flame-resistant, cushion-lined subframe and headband are replaceable, extending the life of the eyewear.


  • protection against impact, wind, dust and debris
  • magnification strengths of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5
  • black frame and clear lenses
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