Select-Arc Offers New Austenitic Stainless Steel Electrode


Fort Loramie, OH – Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced SelectAlloy 307C, a composite, metal cored, stainless steel electrode designed to join difficult-to-weld or dissimilar steels.

SelectAlloy 307C provides a stable arc transfer with higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than solid wires. This electrode bridges gaps and poor fit up areas while delivering consistent deposit composition due to the even distribution of core ingredients. The weld deposit is nearly fully austenitic, but the resistance to hot cracking is very high due to the presence of up to 8% manganese.

SelectAlloy 307C is an excellent choice for welding automotive exhaust systems, especially when joining austenitic stainless to ferritic stainless or carbon steel, ferritic to ferritic stainless, or other dissimilar metals within the exhaust system. In addition it is well suited to weld armor plate, austenitic manganese steels, high carbon steels and dissimilar steels. SelectAlloy 307C may also be used as a buffer layer in hardsurfacing applications or as a wear resistant build-up for stock, pressure and rolling loads.


• Diameters: .045", 1/16" • Shielding Gases: Ar/1-2% O2, Ar/1-2% Co2, 40-55 Cfh • Welding Positions: Flat And Horizontal
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