Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets


A full line of high-clarity, scannable vinyl label holders that feature durable construction and permanent adhesives for use on plastic totes or metal containers is available. RNR Plastics Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets come in a wide variety of sizes to display barcodes, job tickets, and other signage on plastic totes and metal containers.  

Featuring permanent adhesives that are formulated to stick to a wide range of surfaces, these high-clarity vinyl label holders are scannable and keep the totes clean and the critical messages readable. Ideally suited for repeated use on returnable totes and containers used in closed-loop distribution systems, RNR Plastics Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets are made from 8-mil clear vinyl, with a 6-mil adhesive back and a heavy release liner.  These durable label holders come in 29 standard sizes from 1” x 3” to 11” x 14” and custom sizes, colors and imprinting are available. RNR Plastics Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets are priced according to style, size, and quantity.  Samples and pricing are available upon request.


  • wide variety of sizes
  • permanent adhesives
  • Samples are available upon request

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