Self-Cleaning High-Intensity Magnetic Filters


Magnetic Products, Inc. introduces the patent-pending Automag. The Automag is the latest generation of self-cleaning high-intensity magnetic filters for high-flow, high-contamination industrial applications.

The Automag, manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics, is a self-cleaning high-intensity magnetic filter which significantly improves filtration efficiency over conventional systems. It uses high-power neodymium Rare Earth magnets to remove ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from fluids and is particularly effective with machine tool oils, coolants and hydraulic fluid machinery systems.

MPI is the Master Agent of Eclipse Products in the U.S.

The eco-friendly Automag does not use any filter consumables. Furthermore, removed contamination can be recycled, eliminating disposal costs. High filtration efficiency provided by the Automag means lubricants and coolants last longer.   

Any industry that uses fluids can benefit from installation of the Automag filter system.


  • self-cleaning
  • improves filtration efficiency
  • removed  contamination can be recycled
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