Self-Clinching Floating Fasteners


PEM® self-clinching floating fasteners provide permanent load-bearing threads in thin metal sheets and permit up to .030”/0.8mm adjustment for mating hole misalignment. These steel or stainless steel fasteners can further be specified with locking or non-locking threads to satisfy particular attachment application requirements.

Their unique design allows the fastener’s threads to extend fully into the retainer shank, which imparts added strength and support in an assembly. Uniformity of locking torque is equivalent to MIL-N-25027 specifications.

Non-locking Types AS (steel) and AC (stainless steel) and self-locking Types LAS (steel) and LAC (stainless steel) are available in thread sizes #4-40 through 1/4-28 and M3 through M6. They can install in metal sheets as thin as .040”/1 mm.

Installation is accomplished simply by inserting the fastener in a punched or drilled hole and applying a squeezing force using a PEMSERTER® press or other standard equipment. The fastener becomes an integral part of the assembly and all clinching occurs on the fastener side of the sheet, which allows the reverse side to remain flush and smooth. Mating hardware completes final component attachment.

CAD drawings (in most formats) for these RoHS-compliant fasteners are available free for downloading.
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