Self-Contained, Embeddable Presence Sensor Offers Integrated Wireless Connectivity with Battery Life up to Ten Years


Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the M-GAGE™ Wireless Sensor Node for vehicle sensing using Banner’s new SureCross™ Wireless Network. The specially optimized M-GAGE wireless sensor is encapsulated in a rugged, IP67 SureCross Node enclosure and accompanied by a long-lasting FlexPower™ battery. The battery supplies power for both sensing and wireless connectivity up to 10 years. The M-GAGE offers greater durability and reliability than inductive loops and is less costly to install and maintain. Simple in-ground installation requires no major excavation and provides quick and easy access for battery replacement when required.

The M-GAGE replaces inductive loop systems by reliably detecting 3-dimensional changes in the Earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the presence of large ferrous objects. An M-GAGE with integrated FlexPower battery delivers a low-maintenance, durable, high-performance sensing solution with years of operational reliability. In addition, its rugged construction and long life save time, money and manpower in car wash entry/exit, drive-thru systems, traffic control, and many more vehicle sensing applications. M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes are priced at $450; Gateways sold separately.

“The M-GAGE wireless sensor is a virtually effortless presence sensing solution, offering unprecedented reliability with minimally invasive installation and significantly reduced maintenance and replacement costs,” said Chris Dales, Senior Application Engineer, Banner Wireless Division. “In applications where an inductive loop system may require costly upkeep and deliver inaccurate readings, the M-GAGE sensor offers a rugged, reliable embedded solution with up to 10 years of service when operated using innovative FlexPower battery technology.”

Applications. Banner’s SureCross Wireless Network offers proprietary RF design and a centralized Gateway system controller, used to monitor and/or control I/O in up to 15 Nodes. With the addition of the high-accuracy, long lasting M-GAGE wireless sensor, the system offers a robust solution to many vehicle sensing applications, including the following:
-Automated car wash vehicle detection
-Loading dock occupancy monitoring
-Parking kiosk access and control
-Manufacturing monitoring and error proofing
-Train yard marshalling
-Triggering backup power systems when needed
-Truck scale traffic management
-Drive-thru system vehicle detection
-Door opening and closing in high-traffic applications

The M-GAGE wireless sensor greatly improves the performance and reliability of embedded traffic management, with several features that make it particularly easy to set up and use:
-Simplified in-ground installation compared to inductive loops
-Low power consumption—battery life of up to 10 years with integrated -FlexPower battery option
-Integrated solution with plug-and-play connectivity
-Robust, durable IP67/NEMA 6 housing
-Available with internal or external antennas
Direct connectivity to Modbus RTU RS-485 and RS-232 serial communications, and other industrial protocols
-900 MHz and 2.4 GHz systems for global applications
-Ability to employ several M-GAGE sensors at once for multiple vehicle detection
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