Self-lubricating slewing rings


igus’® unique slewing ring bearings use two self-lubricating, low friction polymer sliding elements in place of ball bearings. The cost effective, low noise “PRT” modules are highly wear resistant, easy to install, and completely maintenance-free. The slewing rings are also robust and have a very high load capacity.The PRT slewing rings have aluminum housings and use stainless steel screws. The polymer sliding elements are made from igus’ low cost, high performance iglide® J, which contains a solid lubricant, so it does not require additional lubrication. This material also boasts a low coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and good vibration dampening properties.
    iglide PRT slewing ring bearings are suitable for all environments; in particular, semiconductor and cleanroom applications, assembly lines, production facilities and robots.The PRT slewing ring bearing system was initially launched in one size and quickly proved itself in a variety of different applications. Customer demand prompted igus to add additional sizes to the range and the units are now available with outside diameters of 30, 60, 100 and 200 mm.


* Self-lubricating * Maintenance-free * Low friction * Low cost * Sturdy * High rigidity * Easy installation * High wear resistance * High load capacity
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